События » 133-ая Международная научно-практическая конференция "Значение самовыражения личности и её творческого созидания в процессе формирования культурного потенциала общества"

ноя 10, 2016 - ноя 15, 2016 Даты окт 17, 2016 - ноя 9, 2016 Регистрация 1 Kings Avenue, London, N21... Местонахождение
International Academy of Sciences and Higher Education (United Kingdom) and their partners invite you to take part in the third stage of research analytics championships and 133st International Research and Practice Conference «SIGNIFICANCE OF PERSONAL SELF-EXPRESSION AND CREATIVE WORK IN THE COURSE OF FORMATION OF THE SOCIETY’S CULTURAL POTENTIAL» devoted to the memory of the outstanding American linguist and ethnologist Edward Sapir; therefore the events have the status of his "Memorial". The conference and analytics championship will be held on November 10-15, 2016 in London.
The conference / championship will be held in remote interactive form. Closing date for application is November 9, 2016.
Working languages: English and Russian.
All conference materials will be published in a form of the digest and will be sent to authors together with the member’s certificates certified with signature and stamp. The digest will be assigned with ISBN of Great Britain. The copies will be sent to the libraries of the United Kingdom:
1. Bodleian Library, University of Oxford.
2. The Cambridge University Library.
3. National Library of Scotland.
4. National Library of Wales.
5. Trinity College Library, University of Dublin.
Applications and texts of the articles you can send in electronic form via http://gisap.eu/ or on e-mail info@gisap.eu. More details as for the conference on the website http://gisap.eu/node/86166.
Conditions of participation http://gisap.eu/participation-conditions.
Conference organizers:

The International Academy of Sciences and Higher Education (Great Britain);
All-Ukrainian Academic Union (Ukraine);
International Commerce and Industrial Union (UK);
American International Commercial Arbitration Court (USA);
Heidegger Centre of Scientific Initiative (Germany);
Association for the Study of Natural Science (Spain);
Open Philosophical Society of Existential Psychology (France);
Institute of Problems of Society Life (Israel);
Marshall Institute of Economic Analysis (USA);
Venture technologies department of Rorelse Corporation.

The international organizing committee:

Anatole Tim (USA);
Henry Osad (Nigeria);
Boris Zhytnigor (Ukraine);
Inkeri Snellman (Finland);
Kenneth Odros (Canada);
Lucas Streiker (Belgium);
Milos Stojkovic (Serbia);
Peter Kishinevsky (Israel);
Sergei Serdechny (Australia);
Stevens Godvint (UK);
Thomas Morgan (UK);
Hristo Blagoev (Bulgaria).
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Программа конференции: http://gisap.eu/ru/node/86164
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