События » 9th International Scientific Conference on SOCIAL SCIENCES (ISCSS) 2022

авг 22, 2022 - авг 31, 2022 Даты апр 29, 2022 - авг 1, 2022 Регистрация Albena Местонахождение
The International Scientific Conference on SOCIAL SCIENCES (ISCSS) aspires to provide a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent discoveries, ideas, and concerns as well as the practical challenges encountered, and solutions adopted in each stand of Social Sciences. We focus on the nature of disciplinary and interdisciplinary scientific concepts that arise in the context of ‘real world’ applications, including what constitutes ‘Science’ in a Social context. Our overall objective is to examine those subtle elements, which construct our inner world and its paradoxical dynamics and expressions, and its correlations with the social world.
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