События » Experimental Standard Conditions of Enzyme Characterizations

Сен 13, 2009 - Сен 16, 2009 Даты Май 26, 2009 - Май 26, 2009 Регистрация Beilstein-Institut,... Местонахождение
The forthcoming 4th ESCEC symposium, organized by the Beilstein-Institute together with the STRENDA Commission, provides a platform to discuss the checklists on reporting functional enzyme data, to consider further suggestions and to improve existing recommendations. This symposium is also intended to interconnect the diverse standardization initiatives by giving the opportunity to representatives from journals and funding agencies as well as experimentalists and theoreticians to discuss such topics as, e.g. how to organize and store these massive data sets in standard and easily accessible forms, which new experimental tools have to be developed to gather and configure such data into interactive models, which parameters should be measured, what kind of data constitute the minimum required information, and which experimental conditions should be recommended.

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