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Дек 7, 2009 - Дек 9, 2009 Даты Май 26, 2009 - Май 26, 2009 Регистрация Bangkok,Thailand Местонахождение
Functionalized materials are designed and engineered to exhibit desired properties to serve a specific purpose in a controlled way. Such materials may be completely new, and therefore generate new applications, or they may replace existing materials by offering better performance or economic advantage. Functionalized materials may be designed for stable physical and chemical properties (e.g. catalysts, structural materials) or engineered to maximize their sensitivity to changes in the environment (e.g. sensing materials). By their very nature, functionalized and sensing materials require an interdisciplinary approach; at the same time, these new materials are of interest to many diverse scientific disciplines and economic sectors (the petroleum and pharmaceutical industry, for example). This ability to polarize the interest of researchers and operators of different backgrounds will be fully reflected by the FuSeM 2009 International Conference.

Research on functionalized materials ranges from organic materials such as polymers, natural fibres and drugs to inorganic materials such as ceramics and semiconductors. The search for new routes to prepare materials and the effort to understand the relationship between structure and properties are equally important. The International Conference on Functionalized and Sensing Materials is aimed at bringing together scientists, engineers and industry operators with interests in understanding the functional properties of materials as well as in the development of end-user applications.
The FuSeM 2009 conference will enable attendees to keep abreast of recent developments in the area of functionalized and sensing materials and to liaise with researchers from around the world to share knowledge in the field and develop a profitable international network.
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