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Program Overview

The Research Fellowship Program (RFP) is administered by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Institute and is jointly funded by the Conservation Leadership Programme, a partnership between BP, BirdLife International, Conservation International, Fauna and Flora International, and WCS. The RFP is a small grants program designed to build capacity for the next generation of conservationists through supporting individual field research projects that have a clear application to the conservation of threatened wildlife and wildlife habitat.

Application Guidelines and Procedures

Proposals are submitted in a standard format for two annual cycles with deadlines on March 15 and September 15, with projects lasting a duration of no longer than one year. Grants are for up to $25,000, with the average grant being $10,655. Proposals must be independent of ongoing projects and programs of any of the CLP partner organizations. Staff of the BirdLife International Secretariat, Conservation International, Fauna & Flora International, and the Wildlife Conservation Society are ineligible to apply. We accept applications from nationals of the following countries that are supported by the Conservation Leadership Programme:

Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Egypt, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, and Venezuela.

Application Instructions

We require that you submit your proposal in electronic format at http://programs.wcs.org/grants. If you are unable to provide an electronic version, please email fellowship@wcs.org to make other arrangements. Applications may be submitted in English, French, or Spanish; however, the cover sheet and abstract must be in English.

RFP Application Download Information

You can find the link to the September 2008 RFP application at: http://programs.wcs.org/grants

Further information on guidelines and procedures can be found at: http://programs.wcs.org/ApplicationGuidelinesandProcedures/tabid/1285/De...

Contact Information

Tara Gannon
Administrative Assistant, WCS Institite
Wildlife Conservation Society
2300 Southern Blvd.
Bronx, NY 10460 U.S.A
Telephone: 718-741-1455
Email: fellowship@wcs.org

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