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Platelets form plugs, or thrombi, that prevent blood loss, but also can lead to a vascular occlusion and death. The process of thrombus formation is accompanied by platelet activation. Upon activation platelets secrete granules, release serotonin and a lot of coagulation factors. On the plasmatic membrane of activated platelets secreted α-granule proteins bind to each other with serotonin molecules. Then activated platelets become heterogeneous on their properties. Some platelets constitute a subpopulation called ‘coated platelets’. The coated platelets have a much greater procoagulant activity. Serotonin is necessary for normal blood coagulation. As shown, the presence of serotonin-bound proteins on the platelet membrane is prerequisite for the formation of the coated-platelet subpopulation. But the role of serotonin in this phenomenon is not fully investigated. Also, knock-out mice with diminished serotonin biosynthesis, and depressed patients treated with antidepressants, have decreased level of platelet serotonin. It correlated with decreased level of platelet activation and thrombus formation. Up to the time, mechanisms of the phenomena are not clear. The aim of our research – to investigate the role of serotonin in coated platelets formation.


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