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(I) Investigation on Recurrence of dengue & Aedes infestation in Pondicherry. Dengue cases were reported in Puducherry, South India, during 2003 and no cases were reported during 2004 – 2006.. Recurrence of dengue cases was noticed in widely-scattered areas of Puducherry region, during 2007 by the Public Health Authorities. Epidemiological investigations were carried out in the dengue affected areas to study the causative factors for the recurrence of dengue infection in Puducherry region, South India, in relation to time and space. Adult mosquito collections were carried out in human dwellings in areas having cases. The per-man-hour density (PMD) of aedes mosquitoes ranged from 0.00 to 7.00 in these areas (Mean=1.56). Out of 165 containers found wet, 14 containers were positive for breeding. The House Index (HI), Container Index (CI) and Breteau Index (BI) were 7.26, 8.48 and 5.98 respectively. Pupae per person and pupae per container were 0.0083 and 0.0545 respectively. Ae.aegypti constituted 83.70%, Ae.albopictus 11.60% and Ae.vittatus 4.70% out of 319 immatures collected. (Investigators: Jambulingam,P., Rajendran,G., Hoti, S.L., and Snehalatha,K.S) (VCRC Annual Report 2007). (II). Epidemiological investigation on (I) Outbreak and spread of chikungunya cases & Aedes infestation, in Kerala State, India (period 19 – 25th Juy 2007). (Co-investigator of the programme). Entomological surveys were carried out in the affected areas and it was noted that rubber/latex collection shells were found to be the predominant ones supporting breeding. Emergence of the immature samples showed that Aedes albopictus constituted 75.9%. A total of 10 species of mosquitoes were recorded from the latex collection shells. (VCRC Annual Report 2007).

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