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For present work, cultures of Cellulomonas uda and Corynebacterium callunae were obtained. Individual protoplasts were formed and Various concentrations of enzyme preparations, various stabilizers in different concentrations, were tested singly and in combination for their ability to release protoplasts. Different buffer systems like tris-HCl and phosphate buffers were also examined. Next, intergeneric protoplast fusion and Regeneration of the fusants was carried out for the purpose of strain development and the regenerated fusants were checked for the desirable characters of both the parents. The process of protoplast formation, fusion and regeneration was studied under electron microscope. The average DNA content of the regenerants and parents were compared. As a result of protoplast fusion and regeneration, a developed strain exhibiting all the desirable characteristics (glutamic acid producing and cellulose degrading) was produced.

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