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The Russian Academic Journal is one of the fundamental scientific publications on the territory of South of Russia, Greater Caucasus, Central Asia, Ukraine and Indochina, which are conducting an important mission on spreading in the international academic community works of Russian, Ukrainian, Caucasian and Asian scientists relating to regional range of problems; annually this journal publishes more than 120 scientific articles in Russian and English languages concerned with economy, management, political science, philosophy, philology, mathematics, informatics, chemistry, biology, geosciences. Authors of these articles are famous scientists from China, Ukraine, the USA, India, Afghanistan, Great Britain, Russia and other countries. Members of editorial team of the journal are working in three continents: Europe, North America and Asia, in six countries: Russia, Ukraine, India, Great Britain, the USA and Afghanistan.

In accordance with the resolution of the members of the editorial board, which has been drawn up on the meeting in the George Washington University (Washington, DC), starting January, 2014, the regional subjects make the domain of problems of the Russian Academic Journal. By general repute of the editorial board members, the international community fairly well understood any global processes, but as regards local, especially regional processes, there are considerable gaps. So, international members of the editorial board of the Russian Academic Journal are waiting from their authors any qualitative actual data relating to processes and events in their regions which are unavailable in any other scientific publications or in the Internet.

The general partner of the Russian Academic Journal is the Southern University (IMBL) (Russia, Rostov-on-Don). Publisher of the journal is the Research Institute “Institute for Political and Media Metric Research” with its DOI prefix (10.15535).

In the journal the main scientific results of theses on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of science can be published. The journal is included in the Russian Index of Scientific Citing (RISC) of National electronic library of the Russian Federation, InfoBaseIndex, GoogleScholar, OCLC WorldCat, ROAR, BASE, OpenDOAR, RePEc, JournalTOCs, OAJI, ISI (UAE), DOAJ, Fedora (DURA SPACE), CrossRef, PORTICO, Ulrich`s (ProQuest), Exlibris, Socionet and funds of Library of the Congress of the United States of America.

The Russian Academic Journal represents a new generation of academic journals acting on the grounds of the principle of open access. As the scientific articles should be maximally wide spread, the Russian Academic Journal does not apply the copyright law for to restrict access and use of published material. On the contrary, the copyright law and any other legal instruments are applying for to achieve a continuous open access of journal audience to all articles published by the journal.

On its site the Russian Academic Journal uses a Canadian IT technologies development– the all-powerful content management system in the Internet, integrated into the Library System for North America and in the Index system of North American Universities – Open Journal System (OJS). Switch of the journal at a totally new level made it possible to enter into several international databases of scientific citing.

The Russian Academic Journal is one of those few journals in the south regions of Russia, which is assigning to each article of each author the international identifier of scientific article, DOI.

For to publish any scientific articles in the journal it is necessary to be registered as an author on the site of the journal and to get in contact with the executive editor of the journal:
E-mail: chief@wolfcorner.org

Volume 25, issue 3


Valery Bondarenko, Methodological approaches near determination of efficiency of the use of resource potential in spatial format
The article contains the principles for evaluating the effectiveness of the use of the resource potential of the region. The characterization of these principles can form the approaches to the understanding of the effectiveness of resource potential, taking into account new methodological....
Y. Kolomiyets, E. Aydarkina, Features of motivation of the personnel of the enterprise of the sphere of consulting services
In article concepts «motivation» and «stimulation» are considered and the system of motivation of the personnel “Rostov consulting company” is <br />analysed..
E. E. Aydarkina, V. A. Izbrikova, «THE FACTORY OF IDIAS» as the main tool of the staff involvement into the activities of russian and foreign companies
The article considers the concept of involvement is investigated, how the Russian and foreign companies apply the tool engagement with staff “factory of ideas” are highlighted factors that improve the effectiveness of the results of applying the concept of “factory of ideas”..
I. S. Blagun, P. Il’chuk, Configuration and coordination strategies of activities in the value chain
The article studies the main types of internationalization strategy, formed by a combination of measures configuration and coordinate strategies <br />of activities in the value chain. Analyzed the types of activities undertaken within the strategies configuration and coordinate, their....
T.Y. Anopchenko, K.Y. Boeva, Economic preconditions and factors of development of health care as making social infrastructure of the region
<p>In article the vital branch of economy - the health care, ensuring economic safety  and integrity,  both  all  state,  and  its  certain  regions  in development of production and social infrastructure is considered.</p>.
J. Bondarenko, The main directions of improving the communication system and feedback of the service companies (vympel llc)
The article deals with modern ways of improving the communication system and feedback of the service companies, analyzes the communication <br />system in Vympel LLC provides some recommendations as to its improvement..
V. Kushcheva, Support personnel safety of companies
This article presents a set of measures to prevent adverse effects on the economic security of the enterprise by eliminating or reducing the risks and <br />threats associated with the staff of his intellectual capacity and labor relations as a whole..
S.A. Bugayan, I. Filimonenko, Advantages and disadvantages of franchise business opportunities in Rostov-on-don
In  this  article  are  considered  main  cons  and  pros  of  franchise  business  opportunities  in  Rostov-on-Don,  using  different  businesses  as  an <br />example,efficiency of this type of business and its future possibilities..
R.S. Volodin, A.A. Dmitrieva, Talent management as the instrument of effective introduction of systems of the environmental management in russian enterprises
The interaction of the talent management and systems of the environmental management by introduction of the modern methods of economic activity in russian enterprises are examined In the article..
R. S., Volodin, S.A. Pivovarova, Resolution of the problem of domestic waste for ecologization of the economic activity of enterprises of stanitsa tatsinskaya of the rostov region
In the article the problems of domestic waste in the stanitsa Tatsinskaya of the Rostov region are examined and the variants of solving of these problems are proposed..
M.I. Vysotzckaya, A.I. Chalova, The specific development of women’s entrepreneurship in modern Russia
This article analyses the main reasons, which impel women to hold a small business, the features of women’s entrepreneurship and the main <br />problems women usually have in this sphere. Also the article explains the importance of national, regional support for women’s entrepreneurship....
Maxim Gorshkov, The economic mechanism of reproductive efficiency of resource potential of the agricultural sector
The author formed a common economic mechanism of reproductive efficiency of resource potential of the agricultural sector. It includes economic, <br />legal, environmental and social practices of development and regulation of reproduction of resources at all levels - from the state to the....
L.V. Gutsalenko, N.F. Yaremchuk, Initial registration of real estate: areas of improvement
The paper describes the scientific approaches need to improve primary accounting of fixed assets, proposals distinguishing forms of primary documents of movable and immovable property.<br /><br />.
А. Drach, Conceptual approaches to the formation of the evaluation system of management personnel
Author conceptually grounded basis for the formation evaluation system management staff. This article contains the direction of evaluating the management of employees engineering enterprise, the regulatory structure of the multi-criteria indicative model evaluation.The methodology for designing....
V.F. Zhuravel, Principles of environmental management in the recreational region
In the recreational region environment possesses specific natural resources (curative climate, various types of mineral water, medical dirt, picturesque landscapes) which satisfy to interests of the major national project – the “Health”, raising demand of the population for recreational....
A.N. Ivanov, Accounting estimate and forecasting of capacity and saturation degree of wine market in Russia
The article determines the capacity of wine market in Russia, makes the development forecast of wine market with a glance to the influence of factors, forming market conditions, and discloses the degree of its saturation.<br /><br />.
Т.Yu. Kyrylych, N.E. Shpak, Influence of activity of small industrial enterprises on formation of the economical potential of the region
Having analyzed results of financial and economical activities of small industrial enterprises of a region (in this case Lviv region was taken as <br />an example), dynamics of development of such economic players was studied, and their influence on formation of the economical potential of....
Artem Kolomytsev, Peculiarities and problems of regional marketing
In this work I investigate the essence of the concept “regional marketing”, consider approaches to its definition by different foreign and domestic <br />authors, and outline the main issues that arise at its implementation in the region..
T. V. Kugusheva, Development of recovery medicine of the region (based on materials of the Rostov region)
The recovery medicine as an element of health system of the Russian Federation is innovative and socially significant phenomenon. The priority <br />directions of development of recovery medicine are given in the main postulates of the national project “Health” the results of which in....
G.S. Kukel, O.V. Moroz, The transformation of management models agricultural holdings
The article deals principles to building management systems for holding structures, the systems of governance in the domestic agricultural holding, depending on the nature of association and the functional areas of coordination have been researched. The approach to the building management system....
D.A. Maksimov, I.V. Moshkin, The construction of data model for automated design of urban infrastructure
The article is devoted to solving the problem of transferring data between different systems on the example of the design of urban infrastructure. The relevance of article in the fact that an effective solution to the problem of transferring data between different systems, control and storage of....
Victoriya Overchuck, Problems of labour-market forming and effective adjusting are on the stage of the further becoming of ukraine as state with the social oriented market economy
The problems of labour-market forming and effective adjusting on the stage of the further becoming of Ukraine as state with the social oriented <br />market economy are investigated. Scientific researches and economic practice prove that the further evolution of market relations is....
Julia Palamar, Economic-mathematical methods and models in large commodity management complex
The author conducted an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of large commodity agricultural production. The article shows the results <br />of a study teaching the basics of building econometric models. The author defined group of methods and models to improve the management of....
V. Podlubnyy, Analysis of the status of information systems in solving the problems of personnel management in the enterprise
The author offers an analysis of modern information systems, which are used for the management of staff and the allocation of priority in their <br />development. Internet portal serves as the most perfect tool that actually use in information systems personnel management..
A.V. Temirkanova, Ecological rehabilitation prirodohozyaystvennoy system south of Russia
Improving the efficiency of the management of the ecological rehabilitation of the region requires prirodohozyaystvennoy offers new scientific approaches, developing appropriate algorithms and indicators for monitoring and evaluating the progress of the remediation strategy. They must comply with....
P.A. Fedirko, A.I. Chalova, Risk management as a tool for sustainable development of an organization
The article describes the basic concepts of risk management in Russia, homed in on a systematic approach to risk management, integration with <br />the overall management of the organization in order to achieve competitive advantage and sustainable development in a global instability..
A.I. Chalova, Assessment of the current state of food industry rostovskoy region
Article is devoted to the condition analysis, development of ways of increase of the Rostov region on the example of the food industry. Relevance of article is defined by that development of recommendations about increase of competitiveness of the food industry in the region, promotes economy....
N.S. Shalashova, Logistic system azov seaport and waysto optimize
The work of logistical infrastructure as an example of the AzovSeaPort is considered as a separate unit in the overall logistical system, the concept <br />of creating an electronic database storage and transmission is proposed as the content of information logistics..
I. Shpylovyy, Problems of tourism development in transboundary areas
The paper studies the problem of tourism development in cross-border areas, justified the need for a cross-border inter-regional eco-tourism cluster in the Azov-Black Sea region, defined its main objectives and development potential..
Nadezhda Markovna Pecheskaya, Teaching current trends of holocaust and anti-semitismsubjects
The relevance of teaching the Holocaust and anti-Semitism is caused of the recent surge in not only anti-Semitism, but also other forms of discrimination, intolerance, racism and xenophobia. In the preparation of teaching methods should be considered a sad fact: today’s kids are used to the....
N.V. Selunina, S.A. Kostikova, ???????????? ????????? ?? ????? ??????? ????????????? ????? ?? ???? ? ? ????????????? ????
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