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Для научных сотрудников, преподавателей, аспирантов, магистров, студентов и  всех, кто интересуется этой темой. Слово «экология» употребляется здесь в широком смысле.
To all who are interested in ecology and environment. You may use English if you want to write here.


on last 24 hours, these are the most-viewed posts, environmental science: in English, на русском языке:
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https://5bio5.blogspot.com/2023/07/on-24-hours-these-..  ;
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175 innovative enviro. sci., bioscience publications, links to full-texts online free, well-cited, most-viewed, more than 8000 citations by researchers from 50 countries including countries with many Nobel laureates, top universities, e.g., U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Japan, et. al.

Полный список: 175 titles of the relevant research articles, with links, updated today:
175 Innovative research articles of Moscow State University (with links) on environmental science, water, ecology, self-purification, bioscience, ecotoxicology.

These publications or more info on...
 450 useful papers with links.
 Innovative research articles of Moscow State University (with ca. 450 links) on environmental science, water, ecology, self-purification, bioscience, ecotoxicology. (05.05.2023).


Полезные публикации МГУ — экология, биогеохимия, экотоксикология: Useful publications:
5 recommended articles, environmental science, in English, in Russian, with links,

https://vk.com/club139094261?w=wall-139094261_2301%2Fall ;
https://5bio5.blogspot.com/2023/06/5-recommended-articles-environmental.html ;

Инновационные аспекты биогеохимии. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/274254737; ВВ Ермаков, ЕА Карпова, ВД Корж, СА Остроумов. elibrary.ru;
https://www.researchgate.net/publication/274254737; 43* 2012

Снижение измеряемых концентраций Cu, Zn, Cd, Pb в...

Photo: University of Cambridge

http://www.scribd.com/doc/71487249/ ;  University of Cambridge cited the articles written by MSU ( МГУ).
**McIvor, A.L. (2004) Freshwater mussels as biofilters. PhD thesis, Dep’t of Zoology, University of Cambridge. http://www.ourearth.co.uk/annamcivor/ref.pdf ;   
These papers that were cited:  
(1) Ostroumov, S. A. 2001. An amphiphilic substance inhibits the mollusk capacity to filter out phytoplankton cells from water. Biology Bulletin 28, 95-102.  Full text see online free:  http://www.scribd.com/doc/63444377/BiolBul2001-1p95-E-an-Amphiphilic-BB95 ; 
(2) Ostroumov, S. A. 2002. Polyfunctional role of biodiversity in processes leading to water purification: current...
Начало большого списка цитирований научных публикаций МГУ. 20 страниц из почти 400 страниц
This is a beginning (the first 20 pages) out of a big list on 389 pages, the list  of research articles that cited results of research at MSU (Moscow State University) on some areas of science.
 500 Citations (favorable);  informative online file:  500 Citations of publications (environmental science, some issues of biology, selected) of Moscow University researcher; Microsoft Academic.
Link to informative online file on favorable citations of MSU articles:
  https://www.academia.edu/66598511  ;
The beginning of this big list (the very...
  О цитировании публикаций МГУ, некоторые файлы:

Scientific and bibliographic analysis of citation of research publications on biology and environmental science, authored by S.A.O., according to Scopus database, by 2020: https://www.academia.edu/44164295/ ;

Papers (water self-purification) were cited, Sweden 2020; citation made in publication: most sustainable system for fish production. 3 cited works: water quality,self-purification; biomachinery, maintaining water quality, biota in water self-purification: https://www.academia.edu/44090492/

Well-cited publications (100) of Moscow University, environmental science, biology, bioscience, ecotoxicology, aquatic...
Статья МГУ процитирована индонезийскими учеными.
Новые ссылки на статью МГУ «Polyfunctional role of biodiversity in processes leading to water purification: current conceptualizations and concluding ...»

https://link.springer.com/article/10.1023/a:101555502..  ;
полный текст статьи бесплатно:
https://www.academia.edu/1900592/  ;

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Цитирование статьи МГУ имело место в...
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 Springer-indexed Bibliography of some research articles of MSU (top national university), selected, bioscience, environmental science, well-cited, most-viewed, most-read, featured, relevant, approved by experts, excellently cited (favorably), recommended, some paper titles are given together with 2 lines of abstracts;

These are articles with the name of a MSU researcher (environmental science, bioscience), international award winner  S.A.O.;
these articles contain this name either among their authors or among authors cited by these articles or among the editors of the collective volume which includes the given article; 
dats: 26.05.2023;
 Information on citations of MSU research results on environmental science and some issues of bioscience (78 files, available online free).
U.S., France, U.K., China,  Japan, Italy, Russia, Netherlands,  Denmark, Switzerland,  Norway, Israel, Spain, Canada, Finland, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Greece, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, India, Iran, Laos,  Turkey  , Ecuador, Iraq,   Egypt, Saudi Arabia ,   Kazakhstan , Ireland,  Czech Republic,  New Zealand,   Austria,   Sweden,  Serbia,  Belarus ( Беларусь), Armenia (Армения), kazakhstan (Казахстан), Estonia (Эстония), Lithuania ( Литва).   South Korea, Colombia, Indonesia,  Uganda,  Puerto Rico ,   Portugal, Indonesia, Mexico,