Экологическая опасность антропогенных воздействий, включая химическое загрязнение/Hazards of man-made impact, including chemical pollution » Обсуждения

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Question that were answered in the book "Biological Effects of Surfactants":

Авг 26, 2011 | 16:08
www.scribd.com/doc/60757545/ ;
New facts on hazardous biological and toxic effects of surfactants and detergents
[Series: Fundamental Discoveries. Item 2];
Question that were answered in the book «Biological Effects of Surfactants»:
1.    Do detergents and surfactants pose any serious hazard to environment (the Answer given by the book: Yes, they do);
2.    Do all types of detergents and washing mixtures pose that hazard – including, e.g. laundry detergents and shampoos? The Answer given by the book: Yes, they do;
3.    How broad is the spectrum of negative biological effects produced by surfactants and detergents?  The Answer given by the book: it is really broad and covers all the organisms that were used in author’s bioassays, without any exception: from prokaryotes to eukaryotes, from unicellular to multicellular organisms, from bacteria to plants and animals.
4.    Do sublethal concentrations of surfactants and detergents pose a serious hazard to the biosphere? The Answer given by the book: Yes, they do. A good example is the author’s discovery of sublethal effects of surfactants on bivalve mollusks, which lead to a decrease in filtration rate, which in turn leads to a decrease in water self-purification, which pose a serious hazard of a decrease in water quality.
5.    Is it possible to offer new methods or new modifications of current methods for bioassay of chemicals? The Answer given by the book: Yes, it is not only possible but implemented. The book contains new methods/modifications of methods which  increase the efficiency of bioassay with seedlings of  plants and activity of filter-feeders (Chapter 2 in the book).

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