О проекте

The issue of power factor improvement and harmonic compensation is well known in electrical engineering. A major area of research in electrical engineering is to make a system wherein the current absorbed from the electrical utility is almost purely sinusoidal and is in phase with the voltage. The need for this is the losses incurred at the transmission otherwise and also the unnecessary expense incurred to have systems (generators, transformers and transmission lines) that can support higher currents. Though it had been a practice to use capacitors, switched capacitor banks, synchronous condensers and several other means to achieve power factor improvement till some time back, problems surfaced with more and more electronic and power electronic equipments being put to use – since now harmonics also had to be tackled. Besides the fact that some of the earlier equipments could not compensate for harmonics, some (like capacitors) others caused issues like resonance. Also, even without the problem of harmonics, the research was to develop systems that can dynamically compensate for reactive current under varying load conditions. The present work is aimed at the study of a Active power filter or Static Synchronous Compensator - as it is otherwise called - as a solution to these (dynamic compensation of reactive and harmonic currents) power quality issues.

P Active power filter

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