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All who want to see real hazards and to know how to deal with them , how to avoid them.


Ecosystem definition,  modern, contemporary, up-to-date, improved, corrected:
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Environmental education, biological education. Rectification of shortcomings of contemporary textbooks on ecology, environmental science.
Useful paper, useful definition: 
New Definition of the Concept and Scientific Term Ecosystem. This paper is  available in U.S.A., Russia, Germany, Netherlands, U.K., France, Spain, Hong Kong
Modernization and refreshing of some of the outdated, obsolete definitions of the most fundamental concepts, notions, and terminology of ecology, including...
Concepts of ecology upgraded, modernized.
Many current concepts of ecology are outdated, obsolete. Some publications modernize these archaic concepts, and formulate new, modern and more up-to-date ideas. Some examples are here.
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Explanation of the novelty of the scientific paper. 
Inhibition of mussel suspension feeding by surfactants of three classes.
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Unique ecological theory was created recently to explain how happens that aquatic ecosystem maintain good water quality. High water quality — clean and clear water in pristine water ecosystems — is a fact that contradicts laws of thermodynamics. Ecosystem works against the power of entropy.  This theory is the basis for environmental safety, stability and sustainability of water supply, which makes it very relevant and useful.
Theory of water self-purification. Key publications.

Citation. Цитирование публикаций МГУ имени М.В. Ломоносова в области экологии, водной экотоксикологии, гидробиологии и смежных областях, в публикациях на русском языке и других языках, примеры:
Лукойл: Цитирование работ МГУ. Влияние добычи нефти на гидробионтов. нефть, добыча_нефти 5bio5.blogspot.com/2013/03/blog-post_15.html
Citation  in: Europe, America, Asia, Australia, Africa: 5bio5.blogspot.com/2013/01/all-continents-except-south-pole-cited.html
new definition of ecosystem
Doklady biological sciences [ proceedings of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Biological sciences sections / translated from Russian], Vol. 383 (r 2002), pp. 141-143, doi:10.1023/A:1015393924967 
The traditional definition of ecosystem is contradictory and has logical flaws. The new definition is free of these shortcomings.
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these institutions worldwide have cited the publications (biology, ecology, environment)
Citation of Moscow_University research in ecology environmental_sciences. 3 examples U.S.A. Australia Italy
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Paradigm shift in: An aquatic ecosystem: a large-scale diversified bioreactor with a water self-purification function. 
(Landmark publications in environmental sciences, No.6) 

Explanation: This is 
the  first  publication that considered an aquatic ecosystem in a new way, as an analog of a bioreactor. Paradigm shift in ecology, hydrobiology, limnology, biological oceanography, water science.
Another relevant site, in English:  http://5bio5.blogspot.com/2012/07/the-first-publication-that-considered.html  

Steps to new ecology, science of environment [1-3].

Innovative publications on environmental science, ecosystems, water quality.

Biomachinery of ecosystems .

Rare earth elements in biodetritus   in an aquatic system .

Innovative scientific terms (ecological chemomediators, ecological chemoregulators).


Three innovative publications were published in the areas of  environmental science, ecosystems, water quality.
These publications were authored by scientists of Moscow State University and their co-authors. These  are  some selected examples which may be useful both in advancing...
О функциях живого вещества в биосфере 


Остроумов С.А. О функциях живого вещества в биосфере // Вестник РАН. 2003.  Т. 73. № 3. С.232-238, табл. Библиогр. 18 назв. 
Из содержания:
Дано новое определение феромонов (с. 232-233). Даны новые понятия: экологических хемомедиаторов, экологических хеморегуляторов (с. 233), экологических хемоэффекторов (с.234). Новая концепция...