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All who want to see real hazards and to know how to deal with them , how to avoid them.


Publication of Australian marine ecologists: New сitation of the research conducted at Moscow State University
Publication of Australian scientists on ecological issues [including non-indigenous and native invertebrates and algae between artificial habitats and natural reefs]: a new citation of the research conducted at Moscow State University.

key words: non-indigenous, invertebrates, algae, Australia, Moscow State University, citation, artificial, habitats, reefs, invasion, aquatic, ecosystem

A new discovery was made that is useful to water sustainability, environmental safety of water supply :

(the research made at Moscow State University) Responses of Unio tumidus to Mixed Chemical Preparations and the Hazard of Synecological Summation of Anthropogenic Effects. — Doklady Biological Sciences,  v.380,  pp.492-495. 
Full text: www.scribd.com/doc/49065621/; 
DOI: 10.1023/A:1012344026176; 
www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12918414 ;
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3.4. Концепция биотической регуляции как теоретическая платформа устойчивости
эта концепция созвучна другой публикации - статье :

Остроумов С.А. Поиск подходов к решению проблемы глобальных изменений: элементы теории биотическо-экосистемного механизма...
www.scribd.com/doc/83168032/ INNOVATIONS, DISCOVERIES, in ecology, environmental sciences, biology 18 Items, in English; List of Sites in Other Languages; List of One-line Titles : Discoveries, innovations in environmental sciences, ecology **

Environment, Ecology, Water. Role of organisms, biota in aquatic ecosystems, and anthropogenic effects
Environment, Ecology, Water: Key posts, blog :· 
Venus, or Aphrodite, goddess of love, Environment, Water and Ecology. Environmental role of synthetic surfactants April 17, 2012 sergostroumov.scienceblog.com/2012/04/17/environment-water-and-ecology-part-3-environmental-role-of-synthetic-surfactants/;
·  Discovery of the key role of organisms that filter water and make it clear April 14, 2012    sergostroumov.scienceblog.com/2012/04/14/discovery-of-the-key-role-of-organisms-that-filter-water-and-make-it-clear/;
·  Will wars of future be related to modern science and theories of ecology? Key issues, water quality: scientific...
Self-organization in the biosphere.

Self-organization is a focus of many scholars. I think, we could consider as self-organization some phenomena in hydrosphere. An interesting example is water self-purification. More info on this phenomenon see:

Citing Authors: Citation of works authored by an ecologist of Moscow State University, Dr.S.A.Ostroumov: citing authors (U.S.A.,Canada,Germany,Italy,Australia): www.scribd.com/doc/86547743
Discoveries, innovations in environmental sciences, ecology:

fundamentals of water self-purification, interdisciplinary aspects of ecology
**Significant role of biological processes in the water self-purification system: scribd.com/ar55/d/49069991
**hydrobionts contributing to functional systems of water self-purification are themselves
vulnerable to water pollution: scribd.com/ar55/d/49069991
 **changes in the hierarchy of priorities underlying principles of protection of biodiversity and environment: scribd.com/ar55/d/49069991
**Components of water self-purification system vulnerable to contaminants: scribd.com/ar55/d/49069991
**effects of contaminants on the factors and processes involved in water self-purification, with
data obtained by S.A. Ostroumov:scribd.com/ar55/d/49069991...
List of innovations. These were included in posts on Twitter. See: b23.ru/kya9
** 1.    Innovative conceptualization of ecosystem’s biomachinery, a new scientific term that was proposed by the author
** 2.    A review of the author’s multi-year studies of aquatic organisms, mainly marine and freshwater invertebrates that are filter-feeders
** 3.    fundamentally new solution to the problem of selecting criteria for identification and assessing environmental hazards of chemicals;
** 4.    new insight into the core functions and identity of ecosystem as a bioreactor to maintain water quality;
** 5.    This paper formulated a fundamentally new solution to the problem of selecting criteria for identification and assessing...