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Ecology and Life Sciences: Bibliography of  Dr S. A. Ostroumov: books, papers, evaluations, reviews, broader impact 

Ecology and Life Sciences: Bibliography of   S. A. Ostroumov.  4th ed., updated. Мoscow: MAX-Press,    2010. –132 p.  (Science. Education. Innovation.  Issue 11).
The book contains the materials for the biobibliography of Dr. Sergei A. Ostroumov, including the bibliography of his scientific works: books, papers, collective monographs, educational materials, and some others. The book is based on the previous edition of the bibliography that was published in 2008.  In the current edition, some recent publications (2008-2010) were added. The book includes the bibliography of his...

Paradigm-shifting innovations: science of ecology, environment:

47 p.;
http://www.scribd.com/doc/53721456/ ; Экология, биология: Новый вклад. Инновации. Открытие новых фактов. Новые концепции. К...;
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S.A. Ostroumov (Russia, Moscow) Up-dating and modern...;
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В опубликованной статье [Поиск подходов к решению проблемы глобальных изменений: элементы теории биотическо-экосистемного механизма регуляции и стабилизации параметров биосферы, геохимической и геологической среды // Вестник Моск. ун-та. Серия 16. Биология. 2005. № 1. С.24-33.]
по-новому анализируется роль биоты (живых организмов, совокупности экологических и гидробиологических факторов) в регуляции и стабилизации параметров...

Key publications (ecology, biology, environmental sciences), information of which is available on-line free
See at:  http://scipeople.com/publication/69872/; Some publications are in English, some in Russian
https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Sergei_Ostroumov/blog/700_Call_for_Abstracts_International_Conference_Ecosystems_Organisms_Innovations-12_2010 ;
http://blog.researchgate.net/masterblog/610_New_unified_theory_of_the_ecological_mechanisms_to_improve_water_quality_and_to_make_water_clear_a_basis_for_water_purification_and_waste_water_treatment ;
http://blog.researchgate.net/masterblog/608_Does_implementation_of_environmental_law_depend_on_new_improvement_of_ecological_terms_Fundamental_solutions_suggested ;
http://blog.researchgate.net/masterblog/594_New_plant_species_as_a_potent_tool_to_clean_water_and_to_remove_heavy_metals ;
What is new. Summary of the book Ostroumov S.A. Biological Effects of Surfactants. CRC Press. Taylor & Francis. Boca Raton, London, New York. 2006. 279 p., tab.  Bibliogr.: pages 203-243; 250-253. Subject Index: p.255-279. scipeople.com/publication/67906/ cover: www.ozon.ru/multimedia/books_covers/0849325269.01._sclzzzzzzz_.jpg cover:  im7-tub.yandex.net/i?id=127865530&tov=7  ISBN 0-8493-2526-9. ISBN 13: 9780849325267. [Electronic book text:  ISBN: 6610517002;  ISBN 13: 9786610517008; Publication date:  15 December 2005]; (Diploma of the Academy of Aquatic Sciences, awarded in 2006). The book summarizes the 20-year research done by the author and over 90 author's research publications in many Russian and international editions as well as hundreds of publications...
see refs: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Sergei_Ostroumov/blog/460_Useful_PUBLICATIONS_listed_here_ARE_AVAILABLE_ONLINE_FREE
see also the recent blogs:
-----https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Sergei_Ostroumov/blog/347_Biodiversity_and_stability_of_ecosystems ;
http://blog.researchgate.net/masterblog/276_New_threat_to_water_quality_discovery_of_the_new_important_type_of_hazards_from_pollution_Synecological_summation_of_effects_on_different_trophic_levels ;
http://blog.researchgate.net/masterblog/255_Criteria_of_ecological_hazards_due_to_anthropogenic_effects_on_the_biota_Searching_for_a_system ;
It is necessary to modernize the definitions of the basic concepts and terms in ecology, including the terms ecosystem and biogeocenosis. A constructive attempts to do so was made in the paper entitled: New definitions of the concepts and terms ecosystem and biogeocenosis (published in: Doklady Biological Sciences, Volume 383, p. 141-143). The paper continues the development of basic concepts of ecology with the milestones in 1935, when the term 'ecosystem' was coined by Prof. A. Tansley, and in the 1940s, when another important term 'biogeocoenosis' was introduced by Prof. V. N. Sukachev. The paper taked into attention a significant amount of new facts that had accumulated in ecology since that time. The author proposed some new variants of the definition of the two terms that...

A paper was published in which the author discovered man-made hazards to 3 aspects of functioning of the biosphere and ecosystems: (1) formation of water quality; (2) biogeochemical flows of C, N, P and other constituents of biomass; (3) formation of deposits of organic matter as bottom sediments.
https://www.researchgate.net/file.FileLoader.html?key=d988acb599e121964c48114374a87e8d ;
The key issues related to the paper: water quality, water self-purification, pelagial–benthal coupling, negative impact of pollutants, inhibition of water filtration, filter-feeders, mariculture, mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis, surfactants, hazards of xenobiotics
Key publications, mainly 2000-2009, in English (authored, coauthored by Dr S.A.Ostroumov):
The list of some most important publications by Dr. S.A. Ostroumov in English (some publications contain the new data on filtering activity of bivalves as related to water quality; the new on hazards from aquatic pollutants; the new on how ecosystems function; the new on how improve environmental safety), including his publications in the leading journal of the Russian Academy of Sciences entitled Reports of Academy of Sciences (Doklady Akademii nauk = Doklady Biological Sciences), and some other English publications, mainly in 2000-2009:

1. Biological Effects of Surfactants. CRC Press. Taylor & Francis. Boca Raton, London, New York. 2006. 279 p. Bibliogr. on pages 203-243...