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Numerous experimental data on mammalian organ regeneration in animals of different age were accumulated by the present time. However, the reparation during the prenatal period remains little studied. Regeneration of the myocardium and skin in rat fetuses is best studied. No data on the compensatory growth of fetal parenchymatous growth were presented, because of methodological diffi culties of operations on mammalian fetuses and postoperative complications. Since liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy is a classical model of regeneration,study of mammalian fetal liver reparation is an important problem of fundamental biology and medical practice (in view of development of prenatal surgery). We studied liver regeneration in rat fetuses and evaluated the impact of hepatocyte division and hypertrophy for the organ weight restoration. This task implied the creation of a reproducible model of rat fetal liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy.

P Molecular and cellular mechanisms of fetal liver regeneration

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