О проекте

The Programme (4-th modules’ Project 2011 - 2012): “Civil Society 2.0.” [Workshop: "The Internet and Civil Society."; 19-29 August 2011] Withstood a selection of 20 best participants from all over Russia (the announcement: see please http://www.ecsocman.edu.ru/text/35470613). Kudymkar, Russia.[All the successful candidates were offered full board and lodging at the hotel “Parma” (Kudymkar), as well as free instruction, cultural activities and specialised courses in web-projects’ building]. [Source: The program “Kudymkar. Cultural reboot” Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg. Robert Bosch Foundation and Association MitOst (Germany) in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Youth Policy of the Perm region (Russian Federation) Autonomous non-commercial organization ”Institute Civil Activities” (Russia).

P Civil Society 2.0.

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