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New era of publication has been started. Open access publication is now focusing on open access journals, open access books, open access video journals, open access monographs, open access proceedings and much more, this group is for who believe in Open Access Publications...Must join it is you you belongs to a intellectual community and wants to promote his/her work through open access publishing system.
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University wants scientists to make their research open access and resign from publications that keep articles behind paywalls.
Exasperated by rising subscription costs charged by academic publishers,  Harvard University  has encouraged its faculty members to make their research freely available through open access journals and to resign from publications that keep articles behind paywalls.
A memo from Harvard Library  to the university's 2,100 teaching and research staff called for action after warning it could no longer afford the price hikes imposed by many large journal publishers, which bill the library around $3.5m a year.
The extraordinary move thrusts one of the world's wealthiest and most prestigious institutions into the centre of an increasingly...
Opening up access to academic research will put more data and power in the hands of the people who pay for it,
My department spends about £5bn each year funding academic research – and it is because we believe in the fundamental importance of this research that we have protected the science budget for the whole of this parliament.
We fund this research because it furthers human knowledge and drives intellectual, social and economic progress. In line with our commitment to open information, tomorrow I will be announcing at the Publishers Association  annual meeting  that we will make publicly funded research accessible free of charge to readers. Giving people the right to roam freely over publicly funded research will usher in a new era of academic discovery and...

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