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The purpose of publishing – generalization and systematization of scientific and practical research results of scholars, doctoral students, heads of educational institutions, practitioners, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduates students, and other interested parties as well, on topical issues of innovation-and-creative economy, law, social philosophy, pedagogics and information business.


We're going to dscuss the ways of managing information and communication technologies (ICTs) in Language and Culture Should we presuppose a range of effective tools for accomplishments of tasks: tasks envisaged in the process of communication of people of different nations? Of course, a rich strategy of using communicative instruments is to be demonstrated ...
This issue is of great importance and to be discussed in open and representative manner.
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"Comprende" Administration
Language and Culture is the scope of the past, present and future, essential component of mind, and sphere of the creative communication. Here you could find the colors of nature, the motion of nations… It’s the basis for international cooperation and entrepreneurial activity, innovation and energy. 
The context of sustainable development is just more than important in the analysis of the development of language and culture of contemporary civilization...
That's why, ELECTRONIC PERIODICAL “COMPRENDE” invites you to a discussion!