О проекте

Program Objectives: 1. Construction of the theoretical (ideal-typical) model upgrading the socio-cultural spheres of Russian society. The importance of solving this problem lies in the possibility of further use of the theoretical model of modernization in the activities of ministries and departments, as well as large economic entities. 2. Identification of local models of modernization in Russia's history and socio-scientific analysis of modernization processes in Russia in the context of the interaction of these models. The significance of this goal, due to the need for better understanding of the processes of modernization in Russia in their diahronnom aspect. 3. Develop key modernization policies dynamically updated Russian society. The significance of that goal due to the need for historically funded and theoretically well-founded local model of modernization in the Russian practice of updating and development of the country.

P Research Program «Sociocultural PROBLEMS OF MODERNIZATION In Russia »

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