О проекте

At present practically all economists - a major, senior, engineers economists, as well as great, of genius and other are occupied to settle price problems and the mechanisms of pricing. We found that base of the all publications on this actual subjects are judgements, motivations and proof, findings and offer of aforementioned specialists no which doesn't use in their own working the facts and arguments far-famed in a non-economic literature. Purpose of proposed review is a correction such position of an deals and hereunder, contribute a weighty contribution to the development of a science. We made following consectaries: * professional economists ignore a non-economic literature even if it consists of fundamental positions of theory of pricing in the different economic formations; bases of calculating a prime cost; price-list facilities description; bases of pricing in different branches of a public facilities and others; * we made weighty contribution to the development of economic science. Worked out recommendations for the workmans of a pricing, a working in industry, the public facilities, a public cooking, an agriculture, a home servicing a population, in a founding a culture and in a public providences; * the authors suppose rapid growth of the studies in the new direction of economy but they don't pretend on the fullness of envelopment of a literature, and offer all wanting renew its their own fabrications.

P Л.И. Ярмолинский, А.Е. Прилуцкий, А.Э. Задов, Е.И. Лубяницкий, Твои Инициалы. Формирование некоторых ценообразовательных тенденций в русской, советской и зарубежной литературе

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