О проекте

Product name is Software Project Expert. This product is being developed to support groups (or individuals) of software developers during the software production process. The system will do: - Collect initial project data; - Analyse collected data and make decisions; - Propose project strategy and methodology according to collected data; - Suggest best practices of software development according to user data; - Generate project plan; - Learn project management and software development methodologies. The system will not do: - Provide bug tracking features; - Provide CRM features. The product may be used by project manager to help decision making process on software project strategy. It may be also used by software producers for software development methodology identification. The knowledge base of the system will contain software development methodologies, approaches, best practices and case studies. Users will request relevant information for their projects by providing initial project data. The system will also generate work plan according to user data.

P Project Management Expert System to Support Software Development Groups

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