О проекте

- Data mining of human, mouse, rat, cattle genomes to find highly conserved regions in 15-20 kb 5’-flanking region of casein gene cluster - Comparative study of highly conserved elements in all available mammalian genomic databases - Searching for sites of binding of transcriptional factors (TF), matrix (scaffold) attached regions (MAR/SAR) and other elements possibly affecting expression of casein genes - Searching for single-stranded conformation DNA polymorphisms (SSCP) in cattle breeds and individuals with different milk productivity and quality; sequencing of polymorphic regions - Evaluation of expression of casein genes in mammary glands of cows with polymorphisms in evolutionary conserved regions - Creation the database of SNP in conserved regions of 5’-flanking region of casein gene cluster regarding relationship with expression of casein genes, milk production and quality - Cloning of polymorphic sequences in bacterial cells; establishing the library of polymorphic genomic clones - Investigation of the cloned sequences in mouse and/or rabbit models for influence on expression of transgenic DNA sequences; searching for putative locus control regions (LCR) - Clarification of biological features of highly conserved sequences by integration data on their affecting of phenotypes, correlation with casein genes expression and influence on positional effect in model systems - Establishing of the system of SNP for phenotypes positive for increasing milk quality and production

P Comparative analisys of mammalian casein genes (NATO)

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