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ACS Omega
Prateek Khare,† Anshu Bhati,† Satyesh Raj Anand, Gunture, and Sumit Kumar Sonkar, The doped CD with inorganic salts can apparently form a newer platform among the existing class of fluorescent optical materials such as QDs and organic dyes. The doped-soluble CD with a higher quantum yield value can provide solutions to many newer emerging and existing problems. The aqueous....
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
Anshu Bhati, Satyesh Raj Anand, Gunture, Anjali Kumari Garg, Prateek Khare, and Sumit Kumar Sonkar, The present finding describes here discusses the possibilities for fabricating low-cost, high-quantum-yield, red-emitting r-Mg-NCD in an environment-friendly (without using any externally added chemical reagent). Red-emitting r-Mg-N-CD was used as a novel photocatalytic material for the aqueous....
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