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A Charged Particle Spectrometer for Small-Angle Experiments
Gornov M.G., Grebenev V.N., Gurov YU.B., Chernyshev B.A., Khrapov S.N., Shafigullin R.R., Morozov B.A., Sandukovsky V.G., Calen H., HÖISTAD B., Instruments And Experimental Techniques Издательство: Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. (Плеадес Паблишинг, Лтд) (Род-Таун) ISSN: 0020-4412eISSN: 1608-3180 Том: 42Номер: 4 Год: 1999 Страницы: 493-499.
The magnetic field of the neutral zone.
Werner Andrew, Directed motion. One of the properties of the neutral zone magnetic field of a permanent magnet is a directional movement force (magnetic self-motion) along with strong attraction to any main pole of the other magnet (a ferromagnet magnetized with a main pole of a permanent magnet). Having serial....