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Машина времени
Мухиден Лейла, 2014-05-28
Оптоелектронні матриці в складі класифікатора
Кирияченко .А.О. , Мартинюк Т.Б., Повидало М.В., 2014-05-21
Electrodynamics in The Model of 4D Matter I.The electromagnetic fields
Валерий Скоробогатов, Пока выставлена вторая версия, собержащая начало работы..
Magnetic self-motion
Verner, Directed motion In series type connection of the opposite poles there will be a motion circuit in two directions with limited length and compliance with the mechanism of magnet self - motion. A circuit with no length limit distributes magnet properties in the following way: in the....