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Phenotypic and Protein Identification Studies on Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Milk samples. By Dr. U.Lakshmi Narasaiah and Manzoor
Abstract This investigation showed that a milk sample contains heterogeneous mixture of Lactic Acid Bacetria. These species could be used in the production of variety of different products. The analysis of cell-free extracts by SDS-PAGE is a reliable method for molecular characterization. The...
“Antimicrobial activity and phytochemical screening of medicinal plants: Catharanthus roseus, Artemesia annua, Mentha spicata, Raphanus sativus ’’ By. Dr. U. Lakshmi Narasaiah and Dwaraka
ABSTRACT The antimicrobial properties of plants have been investigated by a number of researcher’s world wide, especially in Latin America. More studies pertaining to the use of plants as therapeutic agents should be emphasized, especially those related to the control of antibiotic resistant...
“Acrylamide Induced DNA Fragment Analysis in Rat Testis”.By U.Lakshmi narasaiah
Dissertation in brief: • Cancer is the collective name for a number of dead full diseases characterized by uncontrolled proliferation of cells in the body. A group of chemicals which cause cancer in animals and humans are called carcinogens. In the present study, we investigated the effect of...
LDH as potential drug target in Leukemia
Lactate Dehydrogenase is elevated in Leukemic patients which work as tumor marker..
To study the effectiveness of crude extracted penicillin against the selected target bacteria and comparing the results with the effectiveness of other available antibiotics.
 Plan of work: 1. Isolation of penicillin from Penicillium spp. growing on waste, such as sugarcane baggase. 2. Inhibitory effect of crude extracted penicillin on E.coli and Bacillus sps. 3. Antibacterial activity of Penicillin at different concentrations on E.coli and Bacillus sps. 4....
Специфика и эволюция почвенно-геохимических процессов в экстраконтинентальных криосубаридно-аридных степных ландшафтах (на примере Терехольской котловины, юго-восточная Тува)
Получены новые полевые результаты, позволившие расширить знания о генетическом разнообразии почв Терехольской котловины. Завершено первичное описание...
Лессово-почвенная стратиграфия неоплейстоцена внеледниковой области Восточно-Европейской равнины по данным изучения нового разреза Новопоселковский карьер в Курской области
Проект направлен на комплексное изучение вновь открытого разреза Новопоселковский карьер в Курской области, где практически в одной колонке представлены не...
Insecticidal activity of Annona squamosa against Aedes albopictus and Musca domastica
Deals with testing in vitro and in vivo the efficacy of a patented product against house hold pest like mosquitos and houseflies. Molecular mode of action of the patented product as to be deduced.
Genomic signatures of bacterial mRNA
Studies involve the deduction of development of specific genome signature by bacteria and their biological significance
Molecular effect of curcumin on bacillus spore formation
This study deals with the effect of curcumin on the calcium efflux and influx pumps of the bacillus and studying the failure of the bacteria to form spores.
Exploring the major salinity stress associated QTL “Saltol” in Oryza sativa L. for searching novel candidates genes
The present proposal aims to target some of the bZIP TFs localized with in the Saltol QTL of rice and test their suitability for improving stress tolerance of agronomical important crop plants through genetic modification.