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Hundred Talents of Hubei, Wuhan, Wuhan Textile University
QSPR studies of textile dyes for emproving quality of dyeings and decreasing chemo-, photo- and biodestruction in waste waters
Exploration of novel materials for CO oxidation
It involves synthesis of various new metal oxide based catalysts and their studies in CO oxidation reaction.
Ингибиторы фосфодиэстеразы PDE4 с противоопухолевым эффектом
Проведен дизайн, синтез и скрининг 3-амино-изохинолинов с противоопухолевыми свойствами.
Two approaches to the use of bezo[c][1,2]oxaboroles as active fragments for synthetic transformation of clarithromycin
Two synthetic pathways for conjugates of clarithromycin (active against Gram positive infections) and congeners of 1-hydroxy-1,3-dihydrobenzoxa[2,1][c]borol (effective for Gram negative microbes) are elaborated. Clarithromycin and benzoxa[2,1][c]borol derivatives are the ligands of bacterial RNA....
Synthesis and biological evaluation of thienoquinolines as disruptors of the PKCe/RACK2 protein-protein interaction
The superfamily of the protein kinase C (PKC) comprises ten isozymes and is widely known for its key role in signal transduction. Acquiring isozyme-selective inhibitors is a difficult task due to the high sequence similarity within the ten PKCs. It was found that...
Quantum Chemistry
Винтажная квантовая химия. Основные результаты Киевской группы квантовой химии ИФХ АН УССР и ИТФ АН УССР в период 1963 - 1991 годы приведены в монографии Ю.А. Кругляк....
Quantum modeling of quantum chemistry on quantum computers
My new book "Quantum modeling of quantum chemistry on quantum computers" in Russian is under preparation. The monography consists of three parts: Part I: Vintage quantum chemistry, Part II: Quantum computations and quantum informatics, and Part III: Quantum chemistry on quantum...