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Опубликовано 2010-10-22 Опубликовано на SciPeople2010-11-07 03:00:14 ЖурналJournal of Applied Polymer Science

Synthesis of Copper-polystyrene nanocomposite particles in water in supercritical carbon dioxide (sc-CO2) medium and its antimicrobial activities
I.R. Kamrupi and S.K. Dolui / Isha Kamrupi
Аннотация Copper encapsulated polystyrene nanocomposite particles were prepared through ex-situ dispersion of Cu nanoparticles into monomer droplets and subsequent polymerization using water-in-sc-CO2 at 70oC. First, colloidal dispersion of copper nanoparticles were synthesized by chemical reduction of copper chloride (CuCl2) using sodium borohydrate (NaBH4) as reducing agent. Colloidal dispersion of copper nanoparticles was added slowly during the polymerization of styrene using water-in-sc-CO2 medium at 70oC and 20.68 MPa. Cu nanoparticle encapsulated polymer particles were characterized by UV, XRD, TGA, SEM and TEM. Cu nanoparticles were uniformly distributed inside the polymer matrix during the polymerization process. This work represents a simple way to prepare a variety of metal nanoparticles encapsulated polymer particles using water-in sc-CO2 medium. The Cu/polystyrene nanocomposite particles exhibit antimicrobial activity against a number of bacteria. The current work represents a simple and universal way to prepare a variety of metal–polymer nanocomposite materials.
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