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Опубликовано 2002-12-02 Опубликовано на SciPeople2011-02-22 17:21:43 ОрганизацияEuropean Commission, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Industry, Science and Technologies of the Russian Federation, Russian Committee of the “Information for all” UNESCO Programme ЖурналEVA 2002 Moscow. Conference proceedings

Multimedia Program “Tatar Musical Folklore”
Gyzel Yunusova, Ramil Valitov / Ramil Valitov
Аннотация Musical folklore is a complex varied and very interesting field of culture. It consists of vocal and instrumental, choreographic and literary components. Multimedia technologies give an opportunity to make as an exact and reach presentation of it as possible. This program presents Tatar national musical culture and its connections with folklore and professional music of other nations in Russian Federation, Western European countries and the Orient. The CD contains of text in Russian, Tatar and English with corresponding playable voice recordings, video, audio recordings (folklore, modifications of national melodies, fragments from professional music), photographs, illustrations, etc. The latest modern programming tools were used in creation of the program, including DirectX® with own algorithms for extending the abilities of multimedia, up-to-date filing and compression formats (MPEG-4, MP-3, JPEG, etc.). Program uses all computer’s hardware features available with optimized for processors Pentium II – Pentium IV. Great attention was paid on designing 3D intuitively plain interface. The CD has update and extension features.
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