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Опубликовано 2000-08-00 Опубликовано на SciPeople2011-04-21 23:16:05 ЖурналRussian Chemical Bulletin

Synthesis and properties of paramagnetic derivatives of linear and fused polyaromatic compounds
E. V. Tretyakov, T. V. Novikova, V. V. Korolev, O. M. Usov, S. F. Vasilevsky, Yu. N. Molin / Олег Усов
Russ.Chem.Bull. 2000, v.49, No.8, pp.1409-1414
Аннотация Paramagnetic derivatives of tolan, anthracene, and terphenyl of the A−Sp−R• type, where A is an aromatic group, R• is a stable radical center, and Sp is a spacer, were synthesized. The electronic absorption and luminescence spectra of these compounds were examined. The introduction of the paramagnetic dihydroimidazole fragment causes a decrease (10–500-fold) in the quantum yield of luminescence compared to emission of the individual aromatic luminophore. The presence of a radical center (R•) in the (alkane)•+/−•A−Sp−R• radical-ionic pair leads to the disappearance or fast (nanoseconds) damping of the magnetic effect of luminescence arising upon recombination of these pairs.
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