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Опубликовано 2002-06-03 Опубликовано на SciPeople2011-06-03 16:22:31 ЖурналMRS Symp. Proc.

Transient Photocurrents in Microcrystalline Silicon Films
S. Reynolds, V. Smirnov, C. Main, R. Carius and F. Finger / Vladimir Smirnov
MRS Symp. Proc. 715, p. 345 (2002)
Аннотация Transient photoconductivity in microcrystalline silicon thin films prepared by VHF PECVD over a range of [silane] : [silane + hydrogen] concentrations r from 3 to 6.3% has been measured as a function of temperature (210 K - 390 K) and laser pulse density (1013 – 1016 cm3). The behavior of highly crystalline films (r ≈ 3%) bears certain similarities to n-type amorphous silicon, where the power law decay at long times is controlled by hole rather than electron kinetics. As r approaches 6% the decay begins to resemble that of intrinsic amorphous silicon, consistent with structural studies which indicate a transition from crystalline to amorphous character. Transient photocurrent density of states spectroscopy on transitional films suggests a similar deep defect density to high-quality amorphous silicon, but a larger conduction band tail energy of some 30 meV and a tenfold increase in localised state density at a depth of about 0.4 eV.
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