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Страницы229 - 230 Опубликовано 2011-06-14 Опубликовано на SciPeople2011-06-15 15:43:36 ЖурналAfrican Invertebrates

ERRATUM Corrects 'Muratov, I.V. 2010. Afr. Invertebr. 51 (2): 255-288'
Anonymous / Mike Mostovski
Аннотация In 'Muratov, I.V. 2010. Terrestrial molluscs of Cabo Delgado and adjacent inland areas of north-eastern Mozambique. African Invertebrates 51 (2): 255-288, it was discovered that one of the family names (Pomatiidae) in Table 2 on page 258 was misspelt as Pomatiasidae. The corrected version of the relevant page is published on p. 230 of this article. The author and editors apologize for this error.
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