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Опубликовано 2010-00-00 Опубликовано на SciPeople2011-07-21 08:16:21 ЖурналDiversity and Distributions

Parasites of exotic species in invaded areas: does lower diversity mean lower epizootic impact?
Mastitsky S. E., Karatayev A. Y., Burlakova L. E., Molloy D. P. / Сергей Мастицкий
Diversity and Distributions (2010) 16: 798–803
Аннотация Aim: Exotic species may serve as vectors for the introduction of parasites from their native range and may also become infected by parasites already present in invaded areas, but the total number of parasites infecting such exotic species in their invaded areas is typically less than that in their native range. We tested whether the diversity of parasites associated with exotic species in the native and invaded areas is related to the epizootic impact these parasites cause. Location: Global. Methods: We examined the diversity and epizootic impact of 384 parasite taxa associated with 22 exotic freshwater invertebrate species. The epizootic impact of each parasite was rated based on whether it had been documented to cause a major pathological impact on a large proportion of an infected host population (other than the invader under consideration). Results: The total number of parasites associated with an exotic host in its native range was about twice that of all parasites associated with it in its entire invaded range. This was mainly because of the loss in the invaded areas of low impact parasites, whereas the average number of high impact parasites per host in these areas did not differ statistically from that in the native range. Main conclusions: Our study suggests similar levels of adverse impact of parasites of exotic species in both their native and invaded areas. In addition to the introduction of highly pathogenic exotic parasites, other mechanisms that may be involved include (1) acquisition by the invaders of new high impact parasites in the invaded ranges, (2) high abundance of the invaders in their new ranges and (3) susceptibility of novel hosts to exotic parasites because of the ‘naive host syndrome’.
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