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Опубликовано 2010-00-00 Опубликовано на SciPeople2011-07-31 03:55:30 ЖурналHerald of the CDC Rosnedra

Up- and Down-Scaling in Filtration Problem with Anisotropic Coefficients
A. Kh. Pergament, V. A. Semiletov, P. Yu. Tomin / Pavel Tomin
Herald of the CDC Rosnedra, N. 4, P. 23-30, 2010.
Аннотация The paper presents a critical review of contemporary up-scaling methods with the main focus on up-scaling techniques for the absolute permeability tensor. We propose a new algorithm, which allows to obtain physically accurate absolute permeability tensor for coarse grids with arbitrary geometry. In particular, the resulting tensor is symmetrical and positive defined; moreover dissipative energy integral and flux through the faces of the cells are both approximated, the second is valid in weak sense. The developed algorithm is quite general, i.e. it is valid in cases where the coefficients are piecewise-continuous functions, and the discontinuity lines can be approximated by linear segments in 2D. In addition, the approach allows for down-scaling, i.e. the solution on the fine grid can be obtained using up-scaled coarse grid solution. Numerical experiments results demonstrate significant reduction in computation time while maintaining the quality of solution.
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