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Опубликовано 2011-00-00 Опубликовано на SciPeople2011-07-31 04:11:19 ЖурналMathematical Modeling

On Study of Relative Phase Permeabilities for Anisotropic Media
A. Kh. Pergament, P. Yu. Tomin / Pavel Tomin
Mathematical Modeling, V. 23, N. 5, P. 3-15, 2011
Аннотация In the paper study of properties of relative phase permeabilities for media with anisotropic filtration properties is carried out using numerical-analytical method. The anisotropy may be related to fracturing caused by brittle crushing. The analysis of relations between phase and absolute permeability tensors is made in assumption of capillary equilibrium. Samples of relative phase permeability functions are obtained for media with orthotropic and monocline symmetry of filtration properties. The influence of connectivity property on the functions is shown, and the saturation dependence of direction of principal axes for phase permeability tensor is investigated. Thereby the misalignment of phase and absolute permeability tensors is shown. The results qualitatively coincide with experimental data.
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