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Опубликовано 2011-00-00 Опубликовано на SciPeople2011-07-31 04:13:50 ЖурналHerald of the CDC Rosnedra

Search for the Best Solution for Choosing the Location of Planned Wells in the Gas Deposit Area
S. K. Akhmedsafin, S. A. Kirsanov, A. N. Laperdin, A. V. Krasovskiy, A. D. Balashov, D. A. Mitrushkin, P. Yu. Tomin / Pavel Tomin
Herald of the CDC Rosnedra, N. 2, P. 35-42, 2011
Аннотация The paper is devoted to the problem of well placement optimization in the design of field development. The pad-type placement of wells passing through the permafrost zone is considered for oil-gas condensate field. The algorithm of optimization is based on geological-field analysis methods which have been formalized. The suggested approaches have been tested on the model of Zapolyarnoe field. The comparison of the calculation results for base and optimized cases demonstrates the effectiveness of the method. Also the algorithm has been fully automated, which allows to significantly reduce the time for selecting the best case.
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