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Опубликовано 2008-02-18 Опубликовано на SciPeople2011-08-18 06:18:50 ЖурналAdvances in life sciences

Micronuclei Analysis: Stress of Acrylamide and Cadmium chloride on check embryo
Sk. Ruxana Begum, K Padmavathi, SK Haseena Bhanu, D Sreenivasulu, D Sandhya, U.LakshmiNarasaiah and K Thyagaraju,* / Dr Lakshmi Narasaiah
Аннотация Genotoxicity of check embryo was characterized by the formation of micronuclei assay in erythrocytes of peripheral blood of incubated eggs in normal and stress conditions of Acrylamide and cadmium chloride. The exposure of eggs to chemicals suggests that the micro nucleated cells shall accumulate in circulating blood due to completely developed spleen. These micro nucleated cells were absent in the developmental stages, especially at day 11, of incubation at where extremely high rate of erythropoiesis can occur in check embryos. The genotoxicity of Acrylamide and cadmium chloride has been studied using day 8 to day 10 chick embryos and the results were discussed for day 11 embryos. The results on the formation of micronuclei were suggested that it was time and dose dependent anomaly produced by exposure of eggs to chemicals. At any given concentration of Acrylamide and cadmium chloride the formation of micronuclei was found more for these two chemicals and when compared to Acrylamide the cadmium chloride exposure was more effective in the production of modified erythrocytes. Therefore our studies on check embryo have revealed that the erythrocytes of bone marrow shall acquire DNA modification under the influence of cadmium chloride and Acrylamide. The earlier reports have already been confirmed that these two chemicals are germ line modifiers in various living organisms.
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