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Опубликовано 2011-06-05 Опубликовано на SciPeople2011-10-04 05:59:18 ЖурналFront. Chem. China

Synthesis and characterization of organomodified Na-MMT using cation and anion surfactants
K. R. Vishnu Mahesh, H. N.Narasimha Murthy, B.E. Kumara Swamy, M. Krishna, and B.S. Sherigara / Dr. vishnu Mahesh K. R
Аннотация The Sodium Montmorillonite (Na-MMT) is not susceptible to polymer due to its organophilic character and low basal spacing. The primary objective of this study was to improve Na-MMT platelets separation by organically modifying it with cation and anion exchanges using Cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB) and Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) respectively. Basal spacing, presence of functional groups, Zetapotential with particle size analysis and thermal stability of the Organomodified Na-MMT (OMMT) were characterized using XRD, FTIR, zeta-potential analyzer and TGA respectively. The basal spacing of CTAB modified OMMTincreased to 19.5 Å from 11.0 Å which corresponds to the basal spacing of Na-MMT. The SDS modified OMMT did not show any increase in the basal spacing. FTIR spectra of CTAB modified Na- MMT illustrated the attachment of CTAB functional groups to Na-MMT, while the same was absent in the case of SDS modified Na-MMT. The zeta-potential of Na-MMT shifted from – 24.88 mV to 15.66 mV in the case of CTAB modified Na-MMTand 12.49 mV for SDS modified Na-MMT, indicating a greater surface potential of the modified nanoclay. The TGA showed greater weight loss for CTAB modified Na-MMT than that for Na-MMT, indicating the effective Na+ ion exchange with alkyl amines.
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