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Опубликовано 2011-07-01 Опубликовано на SciPeople2011-10-10 07:50:46 ЖурналBull Exp Biol Med.

Dynamics of Hepatocyte Proliferation in Regenerating Fetal Rat Liver
Elchaninov AV, Bolshakova GB / Andrey Elchaninov
Аннотация We studied hepatocyte proliferation in the regenerating liver of 17-day fetuses of outbred albino rats. The animals were sacrificed every 3 h over 2 days after resection of 20% liver. The number of mitoses beyond the zone of injury increased sharply 12 and 24 h after resection. The hepatocyte mitotic index in the perifocal zone did not surpass the mitotic index in regions distant from the focus of injury during any of the studied periods. No circadian rhythm of hepatocyte mitotic activity was detected for resected or intact fetal liver. The injury caused virtually no changes in hepatocyte mitosis phase ratio in the operated compared to intact liver, which attested to stable course of mitosis. The weight of fetal liver recovered at the expense of enhanced mitotic activity of hepatocytes in the entire liver.


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