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Homology of bacteria proteins, diatoms and sponges participating in biomineralization, and human proteins, and other animals
Golokhvast K.S., Pamirsky I.E., Panichev A.M. / Игорь Памирский , Кирилл Голохваст
Pacific science review, 2011. – Vol. 13, №1. – P. 39-46.
Аннотация In this paper computer research data of silicateins (50), silicases (1), silaffins (5), silicon transporters and magnetosome proteins (97) are presented. The research was carried out with the use of biological processing servers UniProt (www.uniprot.org) and Blast (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov). It is shown that the proteins which have the biomineralization mechanism and homological to them are widely spread in the tree of life and could be met in different organisms starting with protozoa to humans.
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