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Опубликовано 2012-07-05 Опубликовано на SciPeople2012-07-05 17:15:16 ЖурналTHE MODERN WORLD ECONOMY

The modern world economy
Качуровский, Е. П. К31 Современная мировая экономика / Е. П. Качуровский. — Минск : Белпринт, 2012. — 582 с. ISBN 978-985-459-250-3. УДК 339.5 ББК 65.5
Аннотация Global trends in globalization processes determine the development of modern world economy. Globalized economy, information technology, finance, trade, energy, markets, etc. In these processes, changing the structure of the global economy. In place of an industrial post-industrial stage comes in its development. At the forefront innovative trends in growth. At the same time in the development of global economy emerging global risks that are generated by internal contradictions of globalization. The most acute risks manifest themselves in the plane of the differences of interests, on the one hand, countries with advanced economies and other - countries with developing financial markets and developing countries. Under the processes of globalization are changing not only the country but also world economic geography and the global financial architecture. In 2050, to replace the current unipolar world economic architecture, led by the developed countries will multipolar. Change of the dominant and the principles of time-development of information, economics and finance. The economy is becoming global, without national boundaries. Multinational companies determine trends in the global economy and finance, and are the engine of development. Global markets determine the economic development of national economies. Financial flows to change their trajectory. The system streams "north-south" changes its direction reversed. The international community can not effectively respond to global crises. Requires a new policy on global risks.


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