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Опубликовано 2011-00-00 Опубликовано на SciPeople2012-11-29 23:58:28 ЖурналProblems of Contemporary World Futurology. /Editor by Vladimir I. Yakunin.

Science Fiction as Particular Method for Predicting the Future of Human Civilization
Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 2011
Аннотация In modern political science, a lot of space is given to predict. And no wonder - from timely proposal prognosis depends on many things - until the quality of the decision at the state level. Meanwhile, forecasts do not always analyzed in terms of their impact on the future itself. Show this as an example of science fiction - is one of the objectives of this study. All forecasts can be divided into passive and active. Forecasts passive nature have the least impact on the subsequent chain of events leading to the alleged point in the future. On the contrary, the most active projections could affect the future. Unfortunately, not all researchers are aware that the active projections are used, based on the political conjuncture goals. It is important to note that the forecast is to use an active outreach technology to promote any ideas. Propaganda (white, gray, black) is usually implemented through a special channel - science fiction - a popular genre, especially among the intelligentsia and the youth.
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