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Опубликовано 2012-04-11 Опубликовано на SciPeople2012-12-09 15:37:34 ЖурналCell Technologies in Biology and Medicine

Effect of hypoxia on neural induction in colonies of human parthenogenetic stem cells
T.V. Abramihina, D.A. Isaev, R.A. Semechkin / Дмитрий Исаев
Аннотация We studied neural induction and generation of neuroectoderm in the colonies of human parthenogenetic SC cultured in the presence of 5 and 19±2% oxygen. We found that neuroectoderm was more actively generated at high oxygen content. At the same time, the transcription of stem cell pluripotency genes was not completely suppressed during neural induction at low oxygen content, while the expression of endoderm and mesodermal marker genes attested to the absence of specifi c differentiation. These fi ndings demonstrate more effi cient neuroectoderm generation induced in the colonies of pluripotent stem cells under conditions of normoxia.
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