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Опубликовано 2013-06-24 Опубликовано на SciPeople2013-07-21 11:15:34 ЖурналИнженерный вестник Дона

Influence of the manganese nitrate surface phenomena characteristics on impregnating tantalum capacitor anode
A.G. Starostin, S.V. Lanovetskii, V.Z. Poilov / Andrey Starostin
Аннотация The influence of manganese nitrate impregnating solutions concentration and temperature dynamic viscosity, the wetting angle, interface “porous tantalum electrode - solution” free surface energy and the impregnation degree of porous tantalum anode was researched. A quantitative characteristic of manganese nitrate solution application on porous tantalum anode of solid-electrolyte capacitor during the process of impregnation was defined and work of adhesion and cohesion was calculated. Thus increasing of solution concentration above 42% wt brings to sharp growth of surface tension and so work of cohesion is increased but carriers impregnation is fallen. The most effective impregnation is realized at concentration 27% wt. This fact corresponds to best value of tantalum anode capacitor free surface energy. So using received data we are able to estimate optimal conditions of impregnation and wetting process by nitrate magnesium.
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