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Опубликовано 2013-04-27 Опубликовано на SciPeople2013-09-29 17:44:51 ЖурналMolecular Physics: An International Journal at the Interface Between Chemistry and Physics

Electron impact total cross section calculations for CH3SH (methanethiol) from threshold to 5 keV
Chetan Limbachiya, Minaxi Vinodkumar, Mohit Swadia & Avani Barot / Mohit Swadia
Аннотация We report calculated total elastic cross sections Qel, total ionisation cross sections, Qion, summed total excitation cross sections Qexc and total cross sections QT for CH3SH upon electron impact for energies from ionisation threshold to 5 keV. We have employed Spherical Complex Optical Potential (SCOP) formalism to calculate total elastic cross section Qel, and total inelastic cross section Qinel and used Complex Scattering Potential – the ionisation contribution (CSP-ic) method to extract the ionisation cross sections, Qion, from the calculated Qinel. The calculated total cross sections are examined as functions of incident electron energy and are compared with available data wherever possible and overall good agreement is observed. In this work Qel, Qion, and summed of Qexc are reported for the first time for CH3SH in this energy range.

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