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Опубликовано 2013-09-01 Опубликовано на SciPeople2013-10-23 12:07:10 ЖурналINNOVAR, revista de ciencias administrativas y sociales

Ethnocentrism effect on the tendency to use the brand name in purchasing decisions. An application to the case of shoe industry in Spain and Russia.
Liudmila Ostrovskaya & Francisco José Sarabia-Sánchez / Людмила Островская
citación: ostrovskaya, l. & sarabia-sanchéz, F. J. (2013). efecto del etnocentrismo sobre la tendencia a usar el nombre de marca en las decisiones de compra. Una aplicación al caso del calzado en españa y Rusia. Innovar, 23(49), 51-66.
Аннотация this paper analyzes the extent to which the tendency to use the Brand name (tBn) is affected by consumers ethnocentrism (Cet) and is intended to determine whether this influence varies depending on the age or sex. this uses a Web-based survey conducted in two countries (spain and Russia), using an adaptive sampling. data from 321 spanish and 375 Russians were evaluated using the scale of Bristow, dn, schneider KC & schuler, d.K. (2002), to measure the tBn, and the scale of shimp & sharma (1987) for the Cet, checking their invariances. thus we see that the Cet has no influence on tBn, even making discrimination by age or sex. the results refer to two countries with different cultural values and dif- ferent levels of economic development, which offers a new perspective that goes beyond isolated studies on specific countries or manufacturers. the work shows that between the two countries, there are some similar fea- tures compared to Bn and the Cet, serving as input to develop strategies of differentiation and segmentation
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