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Опубликовано 2014-06-09 Опубликовано на SciPeople2013-10-23 12:11:36 ЖурналEsic Market Economics and Business Journal

A redefined measure of the tendency to use brand name in purchasing decisions
Francisco José Sarabia-Sánchez and Liudmila Ostrovskaya / Людмила Островская
Аннотация The literature on brands has focused on the importance and determinants of their use by consumers and the implications brands have for firms. However, many studies that ana- lyze the tendency of consumers to use the brand name in their purchasing decisions (TBN) do not use any scales that have been proven reliable and valid to measure this TBN. Our study, carried out in Spain and Russia using a web survey system, finds that the existing proposals are not valid and accurate. Confirmatory factor analysis is used for dimension- ality, and a redefined scale with high validity and reliability indices is presented. This scale is invariant in both countries. The empirical data adjust well to Johnson’s SB Distribution.
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