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Опубликовано 2013-03-21 Опубликовано на SciPeople2013-12-21 20:58:21 ЖурналThe Jornal of Korean Institute of Information Technology

Computer simulation of chaotic phenomena in high-speed communication networks
H.M.Cho, *A.V.Karpukhin, *I.N.Kudryavtsev, *A.V.Borisov, *D.I.Gritsiv / Александр Карпухин
1. Computer Simulation of Chaotic Phenomena in High-Speed Communication Networks Haengmuk Cho, Alexander V. Karpukhin, Igor N. Kudryavtsev, Alexander V. Borisov, Dmitriy I. Gritsiv Korean Institute Of Information Technology, Journal of Korean Institute of Information Technology, Vol.11 No.3 2013.3, page(s): 113-122
Аннотация The problem of self–similarity in various areas of science and technology has interested researchers for a long time. Packet losses result in an additional network traffic and, finally, ”congestions”. At high–speed of data transfer packet losses, expressed in portions of a per cent, lead to considerable information losses. It has been shown in numerous papers devoted to the research of network traffic that the abovementioned phenomena are related to the properties of the traffic self–similarity which is mainly caused by the TCP protocol behaviour. However to date models have not been offered which adequately describe the behaviour of the communication networks of information systems and which allow to apply the whole arsenal of classic methods of analyzing nonlinear dynamic systems. The paper suggests a new approach to analyzing the communication network behaviour of information systems with TCP protocol – considering them as nonlinear dynamic systems manifesting chaotic properties at certain values of parameters. Phase portrait of the system under study are built, Lyapunov exponents for different values of the main system parameters are calculated. Recommendations on designing and operating high-speed optical communication networks of information systems are suggested.
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