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Страницы61 - 63 Опубликовано 2014-04-19 Опубликовано на SciPeople2014-04-19 16:30:51 ЖурналРоссийский Академический Журнал

Summary financial and investment mechanism
Prodan Vasilіy / Alexey Fedorov
Аннотация In the scientific literature, there is no single interpretation of the term "financial mechanism." Therefore, the definition of a financial mechanism serves the main purpose of our work. Raised in this article, the problem studied in the works of a number of domestic and foreign economists L. Braginsky, V. Bocharov, I. Grishina, T. Denisova, G. Eghiazarian, B. Efimova, I. Zhuravkova, V. Ivanitskogo, E. Elias, A. Cossack, V. Krasowski, M. Kreynin, E. Cups, E. Melnikova, E. Mikhailova, W. Mikkova, G. Nikitina, A. Pilipenko, I. Roisman, V. Rybin, V. Rozhkov, A. Hachaturina. This paper analyzes the theoretical approaches to the definition of financial and investment mechanism. Also examined the mechanism of formation and use savings of economic agents, and the structure of the mechanism of formation and use savings. Thus, we came to the conclusions that the consumption of household savings is organized through the financial mechanism and organizing consumer spending ( consumption mechanism ) . The magnitude of long-term investments that are resistant to fluctuations in world financial markets , depends on the investment activity of the population . Therefore, the concept of stimulation of investment activity in the economy is formulated based on the use of household savings . One important element of this concept is the formation and use of PPM savings of the population , since the value of sustainable, intensive investment flows depends on the efficiency of this mechanism
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